Prayer wheels and guardians

The more I read about Buddhism and the more I immerse myself in it, the more I realize that Buddhism is not a religion... By now it is so diversified and individually interpretable, that even small temples have their own Buddhist rules...

In my opinion Buddhism is a kind of character development, a way to inner balance and enlightenment... It is the most difficult for a person to understand its self! In our world many people lose their balance... most of them does not even know what they want to do with their lives.

Buddhism leads to unconditional love, to compassion, to balance... The more temples I visit, the more stories and legends I hear, the closer I feel myself to this ideology.

There are no wise things which teach you not to be happy.


I sit now in Taipei in my luxury Horizon Club 5+ star 65 m2 room at the 36th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, but a couple of days before we walked between the rice fields of Bhutan and visited temples... in these small villages I saw for the first time how rice is threshed by hand... in a tiny temple above a small village a hundred-year-old (!!!) Lama blessed us....everywhere everything is so simple and poor, but a feeling of peace and love permeates everything.

I wear a 108-bead mantra chain around my neck, but when the Lama asked me what kind of mantras I have I told him the story: Many years ago my divorce left me shaken. I felt there was no way further. I kept rushing and floundering but could not stand up for many years. I went to all kinds of soothsayers, seers and witches... Once somebody recommended spiritual response therapy, I do not even know today what that is... but the woman I met left a deep impression in me. She told me to repeat nine words a hundred and eight times, every day at least thrice. I should also wear the 108-bead mantra chain and say the mantra.

I fell really deep, and I was ashamed of wearing the mantra chain before others... but my situation was so hopeless that I still kept saying the mantra... at first only a few times, then I become braver, then almost all the time. These nine words, curious as it seems, changed everything around me, because I became attuned to it... I gave up hating people, I saw no enemies in those people who were against me... and everything started upwards around me. Now I have the World before me, I can reach almost everything I feel like...

I love to climb mountains. Last February I climbed the 7000+ meters peak of the Aconcagua. Only 4 of us reached the summit from a group of 12 people... above 6000 meters everything is different, muscles do not help, only faith does! I kept saying the 9-word mantra and all of a sudden I stood at 7000 meters (6,962 m).

We can reach anything in life, if we have faith and love!

I told the Lama I know no mantras, I keep saying my own mantra.

The Lama heard it and told me: It is a good Mantra.

The Internet helps those who cannot travel the world, and Buddha said: „I am before those who think of me.” And if you already have faith and love, the World is also before you.

These nine words are the following:
God Shows Me The Way
To The Perfect Love.

A great rock is not disturbed by the wind; the mind of a wise man is not disturbed by either honor or abuse.