Shangri-la in Hungary the largest singing bowl in the world Samsara Tavern | Apartments Hospitality Buddhist Church Mahayana WebShop Contact Shangri-la in Hungary Read more The wonderful atmosphere of Shangri-La in Garab, the thousand-year-old tiny village of Cserhat.
Get to know the fairy tale world of Grabensia.
Samsara The largest singing bowl in the world Read more Meet the world's largest Tibetan singing bowl, also listed in the Guinness Book of Records! Now you also have the opportunity to participate in the wonderful sound bath experience online. Hospitality Tavern | Apartments Read more Our inn's wide range of food is dominated by Paloc flavors, but of course everyone can find something for their own taste.

Our guest houses are fully equipped, which provide both a village atmosphere and the right comfort.
Mahayana Buddhist Church Read more The H.E JIGTHUB RINPOCHE MAHAYANA BUDDHIST CHURCH Association main task is to deepen, practice, educate and spread the Buddhist worldview, and help those in need. Grabensia WEBSHOP Soon     06 20 523 1878 Contact 3067 GARÁB, PETŐFI SÁNDOR U. 41.